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Meet Cristin

Certified Divorce Coach, Co-Parenting Specialist, Holistic Counselor & Meditation Teacher

Meet Cristin, a certified divorce coach and counselor specializing in providing expert guidance and support during challenging times. With a focus on the well-being of children, Cristin offers invaluable services as a parent coordinator, assisting parents in navigating both their personal parenting journey and joint co-parenting relationships.

Drawing from personal experiences, Cristin understands the complexities of divorce, having navigated her own journey successfully. Growing up in a divorced family and later experiencing her own high-conflict divorce, she brings a unique blend of personal insight and professional expertise to her practice.

In her role, Cristin goes beyond the legal aspects of divorce. While acknowledging the importance of legal teams in understanding rights and processes, she recognizes that divorce involves more than just legalities. Her approach is holistic, addressing both the emotional and logistical aspects of the process.

Having successfully negotiated a high-conflict divorce to achieve a thriving co-parenting relationship with minimal conflict, Cristin is well-equipped to guide others through similar challenges. She emphasizes the emotional impact of divorce on parents and the crucial role healing plays in being the best parent possible.

With Cristin's support, clients learn effective coping strategies and practices for a successful co-parenting relationship, minimizing negative effects on children. Her goal is to accelerate the healing process, allowing parents to move forward and create a positive environment for their children to thrive.

Don't let the stress of divorce dictate the course of your family's future. Choose Cristin as your trusted guide, and let her experience and qualifications accelerate your healing journey, ensuring a brighter, harmonious future for both you and your children.

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